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Put Yourself In The Driver's Seat

When you host your web site on the iWays service, you can take full control of the content of your site and have a professional site design. ClickLogic iWays combines a wide variety of built in components to make it easy to add attractive pages.  When you want more control over the layout, use our built-in editor to build pages however you desire.


Engage your clients and investors with communication tools, completely flexible page organization, and hands on control.  With our Blog, Newsletter, Mass Email, Photo Gallery, HyperLink, Dynamic Page and other components, your web site can be perfectly suited to your business.

ClickLogic iWays already has a built in shopping cart with the ability to have multiple stores.  Now, your main web site is perfectly integrated with your store since they are no longer two separate things.

The Chamber Edition has tools specifically designed for Chambers.  Your web site should be drawing people to your businesses, keeping your members informed, and increasing your chamber's income.  Let us show you how an iWays powered site can do all that.

ClickLogic specializes in building web based software. We have taken our years of experience building custom web applications and built the iWays and Vine Online services. Those services meet the needs of the vast majority of our customers. However, when a site calls for a truly unique solution, we either add a custom component to the iWays framework or build it from scratch. Building web applications involves the art of creating a web site that engages the user and the engineering skills to back it with a robust server. At ClickLogic, we deliver both.

Vine Online is a service specifically for churches and other non-profits. 
Please visit the Vine Online site for more information

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